Services and Assessment Tools

Addressing the Major Issues In People Management for Business

OPelix works with clients to improve their people management systems - hiring, motivation and evaluation. It is our belief that effective work in these areas should begin with objective information. Our coaching and consultation services can then be based on that information.

That's where assessment tools by Profiles International, Inc. come in. They provide that objective information on which sound business decisions can be made.

Visit page People Management Ideas and Strategies to learn:

  • Hired someone who didn't meet your expectations?
  • Had trouble because of hiring people with bad work ethic, who were unreliable, who were dishonest or who had drug/alcohol problems?
  • Wondered how best to manage and motivate your employees?
  • Lost productivity or business because of conflicts between employees?
  • Wondered why your team doesn't really click or how to put together compatible people in your work groups?
  • Wanted to involve all the people working around a supervisor in evaluating his or her competencies as a manager?
  • Promoted a top performer into a position where he or she became a bottom performer?
  • Match the right people to the right job?
  • Choose the job applicants who are most likely to be honest, reliable, drug free and have good work ethic?
  • Promote people who have the characteristics of good managers?
  • Know how to manage and motivate your employees for maximum job satisfaction and production?
  • Create effective and productive teams?
  • Do evaluations on your managers and supervisors that look at their competencies in such areas as leadership, communication, task management, adaptability, production and more? And involve all the people who work around that supervisor in the evaluation?
  • Decrease turnover and increase productivity?