Seminars and Workshops

OPelix offers management training seminars and workshops in many fields. Listed and described below are a few of those which we offer most often. Some of these are presented publicly and all are available for specific training needs within a company or other organization. We can also develop workshops and training programs to meet the needs of your company. Please contact us and let us put together a training program for you.

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The New Art of Hiring Smart

Learn the best ways to prepare for the hiring process, recruit applicants, check for good attitudes and backgrounds, interview and find people with job match.

This is a three hour seminar which is presented publicly from time to time in West Virginia, Western Maryland and the Greater Nashville areas. Non-public performances of The New Art of Hiring Smart can be arranged.

Look at the current schedule of presentations for The New Art of Hiring Smart.

The Art and Science of People Management

Understand what you have to know about people to communicate with them, motivate them, deal with conflicts and frustrations and make them productive. Then learn how to apply that knowledge for good people management.

This seminar is a full day of information and exercises designed to cover the basic areas where good managers need to excel.

Look at the current schedule of presentations for The Art and Science of People Management

Developing More Effective Leaders

This 2 hour seminar looks at the eight major skill competencies needed by managers in business today. Then the discussion turns to how to evaluate your managers in those competencies.

The 360? style of evaluation is shown to be the one that makes most sense. The seminar looks at how a 360? evaluation works, why it works, why it works better than traditional methods and how you can try one.

Building Consultative Skills

Turn your customers into long term clients. Find their real needs and learn a proven process to meet those needs.

Developing Communication Skills

Create your own style of communication to be an effective listener and speaker. Whether it's talking to one person or addressing 1,000, the ability to communicate in a clear and compelling fashion is the most important skill you can ever develop. This workshop is the basis for our work with an organization's customer service employees and our work at improving the work place environment because communicating effectively is the basis for good relations within your organization and between your organization and your customers.

Coping with Conflict

Learn to identify the underlying factors that often create conflict. Then learn how to deal with conflict rather than avoid it. In this workshop you will get the tools you need to keep conflict from leading to confrontation.

Customer Service - Sense and Nonsense in Dealing with People

OPelix takes a hands-on approach to training managers and front line employees in the best customer service techniques. From the introductory video presentation, to the role-playing sessions in which the participants are put in real life situations with trained actors, these workshops get the point across.

Our customer service training is available to new employees, existing employees and managers. The program can be custom designed to meet the needs of individual organizations.