Product and Service Information

OPelix is an authorized dealer for Profiles International, Inc. offering the most dynamic and comprehensive employee assessment products available.

In addition, OPelix offers a wide variety of consulting services for business and community organizations. These include community relations, employee relations. focus groups, training in efficient meeting technique, facilitation, presentation workshops, media relations training, customer assessments and more. There are OPelix locations in Northern West Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee

Profiles International, Inc. was formed in 1991 to provide business and industry with Twenty-first Century human resource tools that reduce "people problems" by taking the guesswork out of hiring, training and promoting. The products and services of Profiles International, Inc. are available from dealer-consultants throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, and the Caribbean Basin.

Profiles has been instrumental in developing the first new occupational assessment in a generation the Prevue Assessment(TM).

  • The Prevue Assessment is the only tool specifically designed for business use that measures General Abilities (Numerical Reasoning, Language Skills & Spatial Thinking), Motivational Interests (Working with People, Data & Things) and job-related personality factors.
  • The Prevue is used to measure the characteristics of a company's best employees so a "Job Match Pattern" can be designed for hiring and promoting people who have "job-fit." It is also used to select the type(s) of training that will be the most effective for employees.
  • The Prevue has been validated with a multinational, multicultural, multilingual sample of more than 5,000 working people, representing a cross-section of the population. It is non-discriminatory, in the legal sense, and may be used for pre-employment selection without adverse impact. Psychometric statistics are available in a well-documented technical manual.

In addition to the Prevue, Profiles International, Inc. provides its clients with a variety of other specialized products.

Step One Survey(TM) is an effective honesty-integrity evaluation instrument to help businesses hire people who are honest, hard-working, reliable and drug-free.

Profiles Performance Indicator(TM) is a behavioral analysis instrument employers can use to achieve more effective management. It is like having an "owner's manual" for each employee with information about the employee's traits and strengths.

Profiles Team Analysis(TM) is a team building tool that gives team leaders the information they need to achieve the team's goals. This system reports the attributes of each team member, shows the team's strengths and alerts the team leader to areas of concern.

Profiles CheckPoint 360 Competency Feedback System(TM) is a powerful professional development tool that positively impacts an individual's growth, career and success within an organization. It facilitates peak performance and generates improved productivity by measuring 70 factors crucial to effective job performance.

Profiles Employee Background Check is an information service that verifies job applicants' resume data, checks driving records and examines criminal history, reducing the risk of negligent hiring liability.

Career Mapper is an evaluation that helps people choose careers in which they are most likely to succeed by matching their characteristics with the qualities essential to job mastery.

Employment Selection and Compliance System is a guide to compliance with the multitude of laws and regulations regarding the hiring, orientation and termination of employees.