New Directions in People Management

OPelix is a Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International, an international leader in development of evaluation tools for people management.

That means we can help your organization be more productive through development of better systems of hiring, coaching, workforce/conflict analysis, leadership development, team development, customer relations, succession planning, and more.

  • Have you ever hired someone you thought was going to be a top performer and later regretted it?
  • Have you ever hired someone you thought was going to be average or worse and then the person turned out to be a top performer?
  • What if you could identify traits of the people who make top performers in that job in your organization and then identify the candidates who match those traits?
  • Have you ever advertised and posted and looked for the right person for a job and couldn't find him or her because you don't have a big pool of available job candidates in your area?
  • What if the right person was already IN your organziation and you just had no way of identifying him or her?
  • Have you ever wondered how to get the most out of your people? What motivates them? What changes in how they are managed could make them more productive? What can be done to resolve the conflicts between managers and some employees? What about conflicts between 2 or 3 employees that affect the whole workforce?
  • What if you and your managers could MEASURE job satisfaction; employee motivations; attitudes toward their employer, managers, fellow workers, and the work environment? What if you could show two employees in conflict why they aren't getting along? What if your managers could understand what they need to do to give their team members more job satisfaction and get more productivity from them?
  • Have you ever wished there was a way to help your managers get more productivity out of their staff; to be better coaches?
  • What if your managers knew what traits their staff members have and what traits they need to be top performers and knew how to use that knowledge to coach them?
  • Have you ever wished that your managers could see their leadership competencies (or lack of) the way that you and their peers and their direct reports see them?
  • What if you had a tool that showed them?
  • Have you ever found that a team full of quality oriented, analytical people sounds good, but doesn't work without someone who is a little more social and adds some positive attitude to the team's mix?
  • Have you ever put someone in as team leader because of his or her patience, precision, and results orientation - only to find that the person lacked what was needed to take charge of the group?
  • What if you had a tool that identified 12 factors essential for team success?
  • Have you ever wondered if your front desk people and the others who have direct contact with your customers/patients have the characteristics and proficiencies essential for extraordinary customer service?
  • How to find out about those characteristics and proficiencies in candidates for those jobs?
  • What if you had a tool that identified the things that scientific research shows to be important in a customer service staff member?
  • Have you ever thought about the aspects of customer service that form your organization's expectations of how the clients should be treated and how you could train and coach your staff in those things?
  • What if you had a tool that identified how your organization wants customers treated AND told you what your customer service staff believes about those same issues?
  • Have you ever wondered how your managers/supervisors rate in the essential leadership competencies needed for effective leadership performance?
  • What if you had a tool that rated the manager on 18 job skills in areas such as Communication, Task Management, Adaptability, Leadership, and Production?