People Management Ideas and Strategies

Here are some examples of how OPelix might work with YOUR company.

To match a job with the right applicant

OPelix will first work with you to identify the top performers in that job category and assess their characteristics with the Profile Assessment or the Prevue Assessment. We will also ask every one who has knowledge about that job to complete a Job Description Survey. From this information, and using the Profile or Prevue tools, we will get a scientifically created benchmark of the characteristics needed for top performance in the job.

We will then assist you in developing a hiring process that includes complete and valid job descriptions, the right kind of job advertising, good interviewing technique, background checking and Profile or Prevue Assessments for the candidates who look best. By comparing the results of those assessments against the benchmark already created, we will show you how to zero in on the right person for the job.

To find the applicant who is most likely to be honest, reliable, drug free and have good work ethic:

OPelix will help you look at your hiring process to make sure you have legally correct and useable job descriptions, job advertising techniques and job application forms. We will then introduce you to the Step One Survey, the most reliable honesty/integrity test available.

We will work with you to incorporate the Step One Survey into your hiring process at the right point. We will show you how to use it to produce useful and legal interview questions tailored to the individual applicant. We will show you how you can get specific information about the applicants' work history and a look at their attitudes and tendencies in regard to stealing, lying, showing up for work, punctuality, drug and alcohol use and work ethic and more.

The Employee Background Check is another way to get a very accurate picture of who an applicant is. With information gathered by professionals, we can help you determine if an applicant is all he says he is.

To promote people who have the characteristics of good managers in your company:

OPelix will work with you to identify specific characteristics of learning style, motivational interest and personality that combine in just the right way for your company's needs. We do this by using technology to look at the characteristics of existing or former managers who have been top performers. Using results of CheckPoint 360? Competency Feedback System surveys can help pick out the people who have the highest level of competencies in management skills.

The Profile or The Prevue Assessment can then produce a scientifically valid benchmark by which you can compare the characteristics of anyone in your company to those of the "perfect" person for that promotion.

To help you better manage your people

To mange people you must be able to motivate them. You must also know the best way to approach individuals. You've got to know how they deal with assignments, projects, deadlines conflict and stress. You've got to have ideas about what they are likely to do well and what you may have to watch out for. To get that information and helpful guidance in using it to manage each individual, we like to have our clients start with the Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI).

OPelix helps your managers and supervisors understand what the PPI is, how it works and how they can use it to better motivate, get more productivity from and have better relations with the employees under them. Then we help you use the PPI to better manage your managers and supervisors. Finally, we work with you to put the information from the PPI to work making all your departments run smoothly, efficiently and more profitably.

To help you and your managers handle conflict among employees

Conflict occurs when people's perceptions clash. People approach situations differently. A manager who uses objective tools to identify those differences can use that information to help resolve the conflict. With conflict resolved, the manager will get her people back into a productive mode.

Some folks are more diplomatic and some are more independent. There are people who are more oriented toward solving problems with facts and data and others who would rather look at every issue as a "people problem." There are folks who are very quick to see the dynamics of a situation and others who need to spend more time looking at every aspect.

OPelix staff members can work with your business to train managers in various conflict resolution techniques. We believe, however, that successful conflict resolution should be based on knowledge of those characteristics in the employees involved.

Managers get that information from the Profiles Team Analysis (PTA), the Profiles Performance Indicator (PPI), The Profile and the Prevue Assessment. That's why we like to use the those instruments and teach managers how to use the tools themselves to resolve conflict.

Another way that OPelix can help with conflict is by conducting confidential interviews and discussions with employees. Click here to find out more about this OPelix service.

We also offer a workshop on Coping with Conflict. Click here to find out more.

To help you get the most complete feedback in your management evaluation process

Traditionally we conduct evaluations in which a supervising person - the boss - provides feedback to an employee based on a set of performance goals or other criteria. When it comes to managers there is a better way.

Why not base the evaluation of managers and supervisors on leadership qualities? Things like communication, adaptability, development of others, task management and leadership ability. And instead of getting feedback from just one person, why not ask all the people who work with the person being evaluated? Why not get feedback from the person's direct reports and her peers (other managers) as well?

That is the basic concept of the Checkpoint 360 Competency Feedback System. The Checkpoint measures 70 universal leadership competencies in eight skill groups. It's a great evaluation tool and a great way to get employees involved in the company.

To find out how a group of people in your organization will function as a working team

For a team to be productive it must have people with certain characteristics represented in the group. For example, someone has to be results oriented, you also need someone who is more analytical and even a person who can be more concerned about the social aspect of the group. By assessing the people in a team, you can find out who has what characteristics and how the team will function. But you need a special assessment tool that can do all that.

The Profiles Team Analysis (PTA) gathers information about team members in 12 essential areas, does an analysis of the data and produces an insightful report that increases the team's likelihood of success. The PTA reports to the team leader how the team is balanced, what members have what strengths, and how the leader can get the most out of every member to make the project work. The PTA gives the leader useable action steps for productively managing and motivating each team member. With this information, the leader can work with the natural characteristics of each member to accomplish team goals.

To get ideas from your employees about what would make the total operation smoother and more productive.

To get the most from the people who work for you, you must work with them. They often have the most knowledge of what could be changed to make things run better, what training they need to be more productive, what problems there are in how the managers and supervisors operate. They also are often reluctant to bring those ideas to the attention of "the bosses." OPelix offers a confidential Employee Survey service that can help you start working with your employees and tapping a very deep well of knowledge about your organization.