Employee Surveys

Who Knows More About Employee Issues than Employees?

Let's Ask Them:

  • What is good about working here?
  • What is not so good about working here?
  • What could management do to better meet employee needs and make this a better place to work?
  • What and who causes conflict in the workplace?
  • Who are the real employee leaders?
  • What would it take to keep our best employees?

Addressing the Issues in Your Workplace with the People Whose Issues They Are

  • Are you losing valuable employees? Could the reason be more than just money?
  • Do you really know what issues the employees have? What are they talking about?

What is the attitude toward management? Toward the customers/clients?

  • Is your organization addressing the real life needs of your employees? Do you know what is really driving their lives? Do you know what you could be doing to make their lives better so that they could focus on their work and be more productive?
  • Do your managers have awareness of what motivates each individual who reports to them?
  • How compatible are the people in your work groups? Are there conflicts which lower productivity and efficiency? What is causing that conflict?
  • What do your employees think would be better ways to accomplish organization goals? What suggestions do they have for improving processes, systems, services and products?
  • Do you know who the employees see as leaders? Who are they most likely to follow? Who will make them most productive?

Why Hire OPelix? Why Not Do It Ourselves?

Two words - confidentiality and professionalism.

The staff of OPelix has a combined total of over 40 years of experience in confidential, one-to-one interviewing, surveying and focus group facilitation.

We can assure your people that their responses to our questions will be held in confidence. We only report a compiled analysis of what we learn. The employer will never find out from OPelix who said what.

Employee Survey Methods

We offer these techniques individually or you can combine them.


OPelix staff will develop, with the assistance and input of management, a set of interview questions designed to address issues of importance to the organization. Then we will schedule 15 to 30 minute sessions with employees, either at work or outside of the work environment.


A questionnaire will be developed by OPelix with the assistance and input of management. Our expertise and experience in survey design assure that the survey will be easy to understand and complete. We also have the technology to compile and analyze the results professionally.

The survey will be made available to the employees on paper and electronically. They can fax or email their responses back to OPelix or complete the survey on the internet.

Focus Groups

Groups of 5 to 15 employees gather for discussions of the issues. The talk is facilitated and comments noted by OPelix professionals who use general discussion questions related to the issues to bring out ideas from the participants. The discussion is then focused with all group members encouraged to build on those ideas.