Employee Relations

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OPelix can help you improve your relations with your employees and through that reduce conflict in the workplace, improve retention and make your organization more attractive to top prospects. All of which will increase your productivity and YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

One of the most interesting movements of the late 20th Century has been the changing attitude of employers toward employees. Productive employees are being seen as, truly, an organization's Number One Asset. The tight labor market has focused attention on retention. Study after study shows that the decision to stay or go depends on many factors involving job satisfaction, not just compensation. Organizations need to relate to their employees as individuals and valuable contributors if they want to keep their best.

Employers are beginning to recognize that it is just as important, if not more so, that employees fit their jobs and have job match based on personality, interest/motivation and learning style than that they have particular skills or experience. They are beginning to look at the importance of team development and analysis. They see the benefits of including employees in evaluation and production issues. They recognize the wisdom of management based on the styles and characteristics of the individual. More and more the issues of a person's personal life have been acknowledged and accommodated by her employer. There is now a field of study, expertise and advisement that is called "Work-Life." All this points to recognition that an employee who is content and happy in his work may be a more productive worker.

At OPelix it is our goal to advise, train and assist in other ways organizations and their leaders to be better managers of people. We want to help organizations be more productive through better relations among employees of all levels.