Consulting Services

At OPelix we can help you get the training and information you need to meet your 'people challenges'. Sure, most consulting companies make the same or similar claims, but our approach at OPelix is rather unique. OPelix bases its business consulting work on real data about people. We think that makes us different than many companies promising what we deliver - strategies for effectively managing your "people challenges."

We use assessment tools to get specific information for: hiring; understanding the behavioral styles, aptitudes and interests of each employee; building dynamic and productive teams; measuring and tracking management performance and leadership skills. This is the information you need to start looking at strategies for improving your hiring and management systems.

Working from "impressions" or "gut feelings" can result in success. The problem is that, like other inexact techniques, it can more often fail. Did you know that 63 percent of hiring decisions are made in the first 4.3 minutes of the interview? It's no wonder that so many of those people don't make it in the jobs for which they are hired. There is a way to get accurate, objective information about job applicants that can help you sort out the ones who will fit in with your company and with the job you need them to do. OPelix uses the tools that do this and can put those systems into your hiring process.

Have you ever wondered why some people with excellent skills and/or background for a job aren't productive? Have you had trouble managing some people like that? The answer often lies in the person's characteristics - not just their personality, but what motivates them, how they think and learn and how they relate to people with other characteristics. OPelix uses the tools that can identify these characteristics and puts them to work identifying the best way to motivate an employee and make him or her more productive.

When you work with OPelix, this information is yours, given to you in a readily understandable report with no delay for results - a powerful management tool that has the advantage of optimal quality at minimal cost. We can provide you with these tools - put the means for assessing analyzing and reporting on the results into your computer. We will also provide training on how to use them. If you'd like, we can stop there.

Or, if you like, we can continue to work with you to develop training programs targeted to the issues brought out by the assessments. We can help you design management strategies that address specific issues for specific employees. You determine and implement changes based on the assessments.

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