Employment and Compliance System

OPelix offers the Profiles International Employment and Compliance System.

  • Having and using this system will give you:
  • Knowledge of how to comply with employment law and avoid violations
  • The ability to prevent problems and avoid costly litigation, fines and punitive damages
  • Knowledge of how to protect your business against false claims
  • Knowledge of the employment -related records you must keep
  • The ability to select the best people for your jobs legally and confidently
  • The ability to comply with employee hiring and selection laws and regulations.

The Employment Selection and Compliance System includes easy to use forms such as employment applications, job descriptions, telephone reference check, interview evaluation, performance evaluation worksheet, warning notice, discipline/termination checklist and more.

In addition to a complete section on hiring, the ESCS has thorough information about the federal system of enforcement of employment laws and regulations, employment privacy, The Civil Rights Act of 1991, The Americans with Disabilities Act, sexual harassment, age discriminations and more.