Assessment Tool Endorsements

From just a few of the thousands of business leaders who have used assessment tools from

"We have calculated the dollar cost of turning over an associate after six months to be about $30,000. If we had "Prevued" everyone I have interviewed in the past 10 years, we could have saved $450,000."

"I recommend The Prevue Assessment without reservation to anyone who has a commitment to recruiting quality people."

"We have had extremely positive feedback from participants about the complete and detailed input they receive in the CheckPoint 360? Individual Feedback Report."

"Our company has never used pre-employment testing before, so we were a little uncertain of its value and cost vs. benefit.

The Step One Survey worked for us in two ways: First, it enabled us to be better interviewers because we used the interview questions that the software program provided. Second, it allowed us to know about a person's potential "trouble areas," versus hiring them based on a "misleading interview" and then after 3-4 months find out that this person is not what we wanted.

The Step One Survey heightened our awareness tremendously by providing us with more information early in the decision-making process."