About Us

OPelix is a consulting and contracting firm specializing in facilitating communication. We assist businesses, community organizations, and coalitions of organizations in assessing the opinions and needs of the people with whom they work.

As a consultant to businesses OPelix specializes in improving the employee selection, people management and management evaluation aspects of a business using assessments. With the information that results from these assessments, we help businesses match people to jobs in which they fit. We help businesses manage people with motivation and productivity as the major goals. We help managers and supervisors learn about their strengths and weaknesses and to build and grow with that knowledge.

In our employee selection, people management and management evaluation work, we utilize the wide range of assessment tools for business supplied by Profiles International, Inc. As a Strategic Business Partner with Profiles International, OPelix is one of the few consulting firms able to offer you state-of-the-art assessment based services.

In our work with community service organizations, we listen to the people of the community to get their opinions about issues of concern and their ideas about ways to address those issues. This process is often called Community Needs Assessment. Through interviews with people in the know and focus group discussions with people who care, OPelix gets information that is vital to social service and health service organizations. We then help the organizations utilize that information in planning of programs and services. Our work has been used in over 20 planning projects to get funding for programs that address real identified needs. Well over $1 million dollars have been granted for programs based on the work of OPelix.

The origin of our company name comes from this work. OPelix originally stood for Center for Community Healthcare Strategies. Now our broad range of communication and assessment consulting make that title too restrictive.

Our company is made up of three principals with extensive backgrounds in communications, management training and coaching, community assessment, rural community development and community relations. We also have expertise in assessment based people management, internal business relationship development and strategic planning.