Information Technology for your People Assets

We help your business make the most of your Number 1 Asset - Your People with our unique Services and Assessment Tools.

Assessment Tools

We prefer to base our consulting on solid information. So we advocate Assessment Based People Management. That means that we encourage our clients to get objective information about the people in their organization before hiring or managing them or evaluating managers. We offer state of the art assessment tools from Profiles International, Inc. with which to get this information. These assessments are available On the Web which means that we can work with organizations all over the country.

Is Conflict Among Employees Creating Problems for Your Organization?

Conflict is often the result of two things - poor communications and/or incompatible behavioral tendencies. Both of these are issues which OPelix has experience and expertise in working with. Our staff can help you improve informal as well as formal communications. We will do that through private workshops, one to one counseling, employee surveys and other techniques. We can help you get information that will identify characteristics of employees or teams of employees that may be causing conflict in your workplace. For that we use the Profiles Performance Indicator and the Profiles Team Analysis assessments. See for yourself what valuable information these tools will provide you by looking at their sample reports. Contact us to let us know what your specific issues are so we can see if there are ways we can work together.

Need Help with Employee Relations?

We offer a number of services for help with employee relations

Go to our main Employee Relations page to look for ways we can help

If you don't find what you're looking for, write us a quick email to let us know what services we are missing. We're always trying to improve.

Looking for a 360° Management/Leadership Evaluation Tool that can be Taken Online?

OPelix offers one of the world's best researched, best designed and most informative 360° evaluation systems - The CheckPoint from Profiles International. Now the CheckPoint is available online.

You might also be interested in our seminar on the advantages of the 360° evaluation system - Developing More Effective Leaders.

Looking for a Way to Learn More about Assessment Based People Management, Conflict Resolution, How to Improve Communications and More?

We love to share our knowledge. That's why we offer public and private seminars and custom designed workshops on a wide variety of subjects. Check out our Seminars and Workshops page and the Seminar Schedule Page for more information.

Need to Improve Teamwork and Make More Effective Work Groups?

OPelix specializes in helping organizations develop more effective and harmonious teams and work groups. Using state of the art assessment tools such as the Profiles Team Analysis and the CheckPoint 360 Feedback System we start with a basis of information about the people involved. Then we put our years of experience in interpersonal relations and communications facilitation to work to use that information.

Want to Start Getting Valuable Input From Your Employees?

Address the issues in your workplace with the people whose issue they are - your employees. By having people from outside the organization do this, employees feel more comfortable opening up, especially if they can be assured of confidentiality. That's why our Employee Surveys services are based on the principle of confidential information reported constructively. The OPelix staff has years of experience in talking to people one to one, doing surveys and facilitating focus groups.

Improve Customer Service in Your Organization

We believe there are three aspects to customer service: The employee must know and practice the basics of good communication (active listening and interactive speaking and writing); The employee must have knowledge of customer service rules and techniques; The employee must have the behavioral traits shared by successful customer service workers in many job situations. We offer workshops to train employees in communications skills and customer service knowledge. We use the Profiles Customer Service Survey to identify gaps in that knowledge and to identify behavioral traits in existing or prospective employees.

Improve Call Taking and Call Making

More and more of our work these days is done by telephone. Much of your organization's success may depend on the skills of the people who take your calls and make your calls. It isn't enough to know if those people have nice voices. There are special skills and behavioral traits that are shared by successful call center employees. In addition to our communications workshops OPelix can provide specific training for telephone use. We base our work with your employees on their knowledge of call center skills and on their behavioral traits. For this we use the Profile Call Center Survey.